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Haonu was kicked by the horse with blood all over his face. He sat on the ground and shouted abuse. "The cheap slave who ate the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard even dared to fight in Shangluo Wangfu.". See if Grandpa doesn't teach you a good lesson. This is really a narrow road for enemies. As soon as Danfei heard the four words of Shangluo Wangfu, her blood rushed to the top of her head. If it hadn't been for Liu Yujin's quick eyes and quick hands, she would have whipped the slave all over her face. Seeing this, Lu Dalang stepped forward and said, "These two are relatives of the Cui family.". Please go to Luowangfu for a convenience. The slave was stupefied, "Cui Fu?" "Cui Jingyu that boy, now there is no face to come out to walk?"? What kind of people are his relatives? A very arrogant and domineering voice sounded. I saw a group of Haonu dressed in Luo clothes, surrounded by a young man driving a horse. The man's appearance in his thirties, medium appearance, short stature, two eyebrows are very light, appears to be a bit obscene. When Lu Dalang saw the man, he quickly dismounted and saluted, saying, "Prince." Danfei and Liu Yujin were also reluctantly helped off the horse by Lu Erlang. Who is this man? The prince of Shangluo looked at Danfei. Both girls are dressed in men's clothes, which is convenient for riding. But Liu Yujin's face was so charming that she knew she was a girl at a glance. Danffy was wearing a buckskin hat,High Speed Nail Making Machine, covering most of it, still like a teenager. These two are relatives of the head of the family. The slave was ordered to take them into the city. Just now I had no intention to have a conflict with the slaves in the palace. Forgive me, prince. The prince of Shangluo sneered, "the Cui family is now in this situation, and there are still people who come to join us?"? I said, little lady,wire nail making machine, didn't you find out before? Liu Yujin was so frightened that he hurried to hide behind Danfei. Lu Dalang was well aware of the prince's reputation for lasciviousness, and secretly pinched a sweat. The prince of Shangluo was really more curious and used his whip to pick Liu Yujin's chin. It's a beautiful little beauty. What relatives? Cui Jingyu went to the north and received two new favorites, right? I said, beauty, why don't you go back to Shangluo Wangfu with me? Cui Jingyu has no interest, don't you know? The city of Sha Ming was destroyed by the Turks, and Duan Deyuan was not able to defend the city. He was also found to have embezzled military expenditure and connived at the enemy. He was already robbed of his fame after his death, and his house was ransacked! Cui Jingyu testified in court that he had betrayed his uncle thoroughly! The words came as a bolt from the blue. Danfi jerked his head up as if he had been punched hard in the chest. What did you say The prince of Shangluo brightened up and exclaimed, "What a handsome young man!"! Cui Jingyu really has a good eye. Where can I find a pair of living treasures like you? Then he reached over and touched Danfi's face. Danfi's eyes flashed fiercely and he subconsciously touched the dagger at his waist. Prince! Lu Dalang shouted hurriedly. He got along with Danfei all the way, knowing that the lady had a fierce temperament, and was afraid that if she started to make trouble, Nail machine supplier ,nail manufacturing machine, the matter would be out of control. Fortunately, Danfei restrained her emotions at the critical moment. She stepped back to avoid the claws of the prince of Shangluo and said, "What happened when the prince said Cui Jingyu testified?" The prince of Shangluo took back his hand with a sneer. "When Cui Jingyu didn't stay in Chang'an, he went to Sha Ming to suffer hardships. Why?"? There are people in the court who are greedy for Duan Deyuan's ink. Cui Jingyu, as a special envoy, secretly went to investigate the matter. I was worried that he would shield my uncle, but I didn't think that this boy would really destroy his relatives for the sake of righteousness. Admire! I really admire you! As a result, he was promoted two ranks and became a captain of Qinxun Lingwei. Danfi looked at the Lou brothers. The Lu brothers avoided her gaze and lowered their heads. They already know? "How is it, beauty?" The prince of Shangluo raised Danfei's chin with a whip and said, "Look carefully, it's really autumn water making bones for divine jade.". Although she lost some weight, she was really a rare beauty ruffian. Beauty, instead of following Cui Jingyu, why not go with me. As long as you take good care of me, I will let you out of the house in a few years and give you a sum of money to marry a bride. As for Cui Jingyu, he is now the guest of Princess Anle. The princess is very jealous. Danfi stood like a puppet, and two voices in his head were arguing fiercely. Cui Jingyu lied to you! "What good thing is the prince of Shangluo that his words can be believed?" "The Lu brothers also acquiesced." "Maybe General Duan really has a loss of virtue?" "Why did that section of the Ningjiang River die?" Danfi is going crazy.
When the prince of Shangluo saw that Danfei did not respond, he thought she had acquiesced and immediately ordered the servant to pull people. Liu Yujin was so frightened that he cried out and kept hiding behind Danfei. The Lu brothers wanted to stop them, but the Wei family was so numerous that they easily stopped them. Danfi was pulled a few times, and when he came to his senses, he saw the man scratching his arm. Her anger suddenly rose, her eyes were blood-red, her hand was like lightning, and she took the other's arm apart with a click, and then kicked him out with a horizontal foot. The slaves of the Wei family were in an uproar. At first, I saw her gentle and handsome, but I didn't expect her to have fists and feet. Before she came to her senses, she was greeted by Danfei's foot on her face. Three or four men were beaten to pieces and screamed. The prince of Shangluo was so surprised that his eyeballs were about to fall out. He sat on his horse and shouted, "Bold and obstinate people, I want to assassinate this prince!"! Where is Marquis Wu? Come and arrest him! Danfi grabbed a house slave by the arm, threw him over the shoulder, and threw him under the prince's horse. The prince screamed in fright and waved his whip at random to beat Danfei. Danffy got a whip on his arm, and it was burning. She was too lazy to haggle with the prince. With a whistle, she called Hongling and pulled Liu Yujin onto the horse. The slave of the Wei family rushed over to stop him and was whipped by Danfei to cry for his father and mother. Red Ling kicked them away and ran away with the two girls on her back. Chase! The prince of Shangluo was so angry that he shivered all over. "Catch these two cheap slaves back, dead or alive!" County Wang Longji There were many pedestrians in the street market, and the running of horses immediately caused a commotion. The peddler's stall was kicked over by a horse and passers-by were scattered. Cries and exclamations followed the horses all the way. Danfi did not know where they were running at the moment, so he had to run as far as possible to the nearest east gate. Out of the city,Coil nail machine, they can be safe for a while. Jin Wuwei whistled after him. Who in the capital dares to ride a horse in the street? Danfei urgently turned around and avoided the encirclement of Jin Wuwei. The horse galloped across the long street, running blindly like a headless chicken, and crashed into an open field. 3shardware.com


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