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"Food." Fang Bai hung up the last sausage, according to the weather in Luoshui City, after a few days of air-drying, it was almost done, and then smoked it with fireworks. Farmers in the mountainous areas in the south basically hang all the preserved meat in their own side rooms, and then build a charcoal fire that does not go out for 24 hours. Fireworks smoke and roast 24 hours a day, when to eat, when to take. There is a habit of raising a pig, half of which is used to celebrate the New Year and half of which is used to make bacon. The bacon is eaten for a year, and the next year the pig will continue to be slaughtered. Bacon has become an indispensable food there. In Fang Bai's memory, there is a kind of bacon called red meat which is the most delicious. It is all lean meat without fat. It is red without pigment. It smells very fragrant. Every piece of meat has luster on its surface. It tastes like a special taste. This is a delicious food that only exists in the memory of childhood. Later, when Fang Bai went back to look for it, it was said that he could do it. Have been dead for a long time. "In front of the bridge, a group of failed, come quickly to count, 24678!" Fang Bai happily counted the papers of the failing students in his hands, a total of eight legs. No, a total of eight little turnip heads failed. Oh, are these eight legs all lame at one time, or do they take their time? "Old.." Teacher, I.. I passed the exam! Ao Xiaoxiao, who had been waiting for the results of the test paper, looked at Fang Bai with the eyes of hope, which was not only related to Baymax's toffee, but also to whether he would be beaten. Not bad,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, you passed! Fang Bai smiled and touched Ao's little head. Although he didn't know why the system would let him accept the little girl of the Dragon Clan, he looked good and ranked tenth in the class. Oye! Ao Xiaoxiao jumped in place several times excitedly, she has never been so happy, this is the result of her own efforts. There is nothing like passing an exam to make people happy. Well, keep up the good work! Fang Bai took out a few big white toffee, he knew that this little girl now needs some small encouragement, for foodies, nothing is better than the beloved food. Thank you, teacher! Ao Xiaoxiao said sincerely,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, then happily took the big white toffee in Fang Bai's hand, and ran happily towards his room. It was late at night, and it was time to go to bed. Fang Bai smiled and watched Ao Xiaoxiao leave. When he was studying before, it should be the same! "Well, Ye Shen!" Fang Bai remembered his bet with Ye Shen, and then opened the test paper, "Ye Shen classmate, 87 points, fifth place!" It seems that two legs have to be added to the eight legs, ten legs, oh, how embarrassing, a small radish head with two legs, a small head with broken legs. This test paper is made by the system. Fang Bai only needs to add a score. This is more useful than those test papers on the earth. It directly tests the most real level, 100% real level. Think of tomorrow can hit so many legs, Fang Bai is a little excited, tomorrow to gently, slowly hit, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, one by one, this kind of nervous and exciting beating, can not be done away at once! Ye Shen, who had been sleeping well, suddenly woke up from his dream. He felt as if he had been stared at by something evil. There was something cool behind him, and his whole body was covered with cold sweat. At the same time, the sleeping Abu, as well as nonsense and others, also suddenly woke up from a dream. Still have two more, I owe, pay back tomorrow, tomorrow five more. Chapter 196 Tang Monk Meat. "There seems to be a lot less gangsters in the neighborhood recently!" Li Zicheng looked at his recorder and worked hard all morning to find a head. "Yes, yes, I want to change a popsicle to eat!" Nonsense echoed, "Recently, there are fewer and fewer hoodlums near the college. I haven't eaten big white rabbit milk candy for several days. I'm really greedy." Not to mention popsicles, it's good to have candy to eat. Li Zicheng said helplessly that in the past, there were all kinds of racketeering hoodlums around, but their parents were not easy to mess with, so there was no blind hoodlum to trouble them.
Now, because of the temptation of the big devil's toffee, the hoodlums around have been cleaned up directly, especially Chen Yue and Ao Xiaoxiao in the class, who are ruthless and ruthless. Now others call these two people the "peerless double pride" of Class 2, Grade 1. However, due to the reasons for cleaning up the surrounding hoodlums, now the little turnip heads of Class 2, Grade 1 are walking in the school, with adoring eyes everywhere, which makes them very inflated, like Li Zicheng, who also received love letters from female classmates in other classes. "Hey, nonsense, do you want to eat with a female classmate when you change the popsicle?" Abu teased. No! "" Nonsense quickly denied it. Half of you, half of me, you are my other half? Li Zicheng said with a bad smile. Abu also smiled and hugged Hu and said, "Say quickly, say quickly, which class is it?" "Really not!" As if I had been exposed, I was a little angry, but I couldn't get angry, because. They did guess right. Children's likes are very simple, pleasing to the eye, and then good to you, what worries also like to write on the face. Is it Xiaomei in the next class? Li Zicheng guessed. Nonsense, shake your head quickly. That's Xiao Li? Nonsense shook his head again. It's Lesser Snow. I saw Hu Shuo walking with Lesser Snow in the next class that day. Abu told the truth directly. Just. No, it's not! The denial of nonsense seems weak. "Oh, no, they won't like Lesser Snow!" Li Zicheng learned to talk nonsense in a strange way. Li Zicheng, I'll fight with you! He clenched his fist directly and pretended to be angry to catch up with Li Zicheng when he said that he liked people in his heart. Li Zicheng, I'll fight with you, too! Abu ran after the two running men with the same strange cry. The three men, who had been chasing for a long time, lay directly on the grass beside the Luoshui River, with a piece of grass in their mouths,Flushometer valve, as if they were so handsome. Ab, do you hate the big devil? Li Zicheng crossed his legs and pillowed his hands under his head, looking at the blue sky. cnkexin.com


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